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Sound Design

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Sound design is the process of recording, editing, and mixing various sound elements and musical pieces for all types of visual media, including in a feature film, television, advertisements, video games and live performance, like theater.

The benefits of sound design are many. But here are a couple of sound benefits that might even convince you to hire that professional sound designer for your next film:

Give the audience a sense of what’s off-screen

Visually, a film is limited to what’s onscreen. But the sound design team takes on the sounds of the rest of the world that the audience can’t see by creating soundtracks, re-recording mixers, sound editing, and more.

Sound design bridges scenes together

More so in film than television production, supervising sound editors ensure that all sound design elements help scenes flow together. This way, they create a cohesive sound and feel to the project, all through sound mixing and editing.


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