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Cinematic Videographic Strategies
Designed to Skyrocket Your Sales

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The old way: 

You hire a traditional agency and pay them to do the job. They keep 75% of your money to pay for their fancy high-street offices, and for the rest they hire us – Red Cat Studios – to do the job. They have minimal involvement in the overall concept creation, and no involvement at all in the actual production. For 25% of your budget, we will still do our very best to get the job done… but within those limits.

The new way: 

You hire us – Red Cat Studios – directly, for 50% of what you would have paid the traditional agency to do the job. Red Cat Studios is both a creative agency and a video production company. This means no middleman in-between, and a 50% more affordable price than a traditional agency. The whole process is managed first hand from concept through to postproduction, by people who capture your vision in full! For 50% of your initial budget, we will be able to get the job done, 100% better than before!

Therefore, you get 100% MORE for 50% LESS!!!


Simple maths!

Brand Focused Videography

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